I’m sure at one point in running your business, you felt like your business is the one running YOU.

With the constant demand of consistency, you feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel with a never-ending to-do list that includes planning and writing your content, keeping your website copy fresh and up to date, and launching a new product every month to make room for more cash flow. 

You know content is queen so you get two or five done in a day, and the next thing you know, you’re back at it again. That routine doesn’t sound too good.

You’re a pretty decent entrepreneur. You really are.

The problem is, who has the time to keep up with all of that?

Not you, for sure.

As someone who takes their business seriously – after all, you’re building a brand and cultivating a new culture – it’s safe to say that you already have a lot on your plate.

And even if you fulfill your task (almost) on time, you’re left wondering: Is this even up to my standards? Or did I *just* sacrifice the quality of my brand by mindlessly spewing out words that don’t make sense just to get this sh*t done today?

Allow me to end this madness.

Here’s how my team and I will help you boost wild traffic and generate nurtured leads…

Brand and Website Development by Ease Digital Marketing


May Include: Full Brand Identity, Color Palette, Textures and Patterns, Typography, Domain Setup, Website Setup, Website Copy, Brand Strategy Session, etc.

Social Media Management by Ease Digital Marketing


May Include: Social Media Audit, Strategy-Building Session, Weekly and Monthly Analytics Reports, Daily Engagament, Content Planning and Strategy, etc.

Content Management by Ease Digital Marketing


May Include: Content Planning and Strategy, Content Creation (Writing + Editing + Graphics), Content Scheduling, Content Repurposing, etc.


Includes: Course Outline Planning and Strategy, Creation of All Course Materials, Editing of Videos, Setting Up of Course Content on Kajabi or Teachable, Preparation of Marketing Materials, etc.

Kajabi Management by Ease Digital Marketing


Includes: Setting Up Kajabi, Designing Website and Landing Pages, Setting Up Courses and Online Memberships, Setting Up Products and Offers, Community Management and Maintenance, etc.

Launch Planning and Management by Ease Digital Marketing


Includes: Launch Planning and Strategy, Sales Page Copy and Design, Lead Magnet Copy and Design, Lead Magnet Landing Page Copy and Design, Email Sales Sequence Copy and Automation, Lead Generation Strategy, Community Management, etc.


Hey there, I’m Shiekina. I’m an Online Marketing Educator, and I help change-makers repurpose, refocus, and revolutionize their brands through effective content marketing strategies so they can become thought leaders in their niche.

I’m crazy about books and chocolate milk, and I’m a lover of written words, classic songs, oxford commas, and starry nights.