How To Sell Your Coaching Services On Instagram

Did you know? According to Hootsuite, along with Instagram and eMarketer, for the year 2021, there are already over 1 billion and more average users of Instagram every month, 90% of users follow a business, and 81% use Instagram to search for products and services.

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Nowadays, it is important for clients to be able to reach you through every single social media platform because it establishes your credibility and almost everyone expects you to have an Instagram account.

It is what’s “in” and for every business, it is important to keep up with trends.

It will also be easier for you, as a coach, to have an Instagram for its many purposes. 

You can make your feed as your portfolio. You can also up your B2B marketing game on Instagram. Lastly, it will increase your visibility.

Here are simple steps to jumpstart your marketing journey in the visual powerhouse called Instagram. 


How To Sell Your Coaching Services On Instagram

1. Define your goals and strategy.

Surely, if you’re thinking of branching out your opportunities through Instagram, you must have a goal in mind. 

It’d be impossible to find success if you’re not even sure what you’re here for. 

Are you here to market for brand awareness? For more sales? For website traffic? 

From its roots, why do you want to sell your coaching services on Instagram? 

Because you’re sure that  your potential clients are there? 

Because some people told you that it’s a popular platform for coaches? 

After that, what would be your strategy? 

Do you have a clear view of your to-do’s?

This might be an exaggeration but don’t go into a battlefield when you’re blind. 

Be clear with your goals and strategies first, the rest of the steps should follow after that. 

2. Create a business account and optimize your profile.

In order to use Instagram Insights, your Instagram profile must first be classified as a business profile. 

Instagram Insights is Instagram’s very own in-house analytics tool that shows you a brief analysis of your content strategy and your follower’s demographics. 

You can also link your Facebook Business Page for easy sharing of content to both platforms. 

For optimization:

Choose a unique but simple name that will stick.

As much as you want to be remembered for being extremely unique, you don’t want to give too much trouble to people who want to search for you.

Keep it simple but make it stick. 

Something that would make you unforgettable.

And then, write a comprehensive but astounding bio.

With the 150-character limit in your bio, you want to be as concise and comprehensive about who you are as much as possible. 

Briefly discuss what you do, link your website (if you have one), link your other socials, and relevant details about your business.

If, in any case, your bio is not enough to introduce yourself, you can try using a service that gives you space to link multiple relevant sites such as Linktree or Milkshake, which by the way, goes beyond showing multiple links because it can double as a complete website. 

3. Plan your posts for a better looking feed.

You don’t want your feed to be all over the place.

It is the second (or maybe even the first) thing that your followers and potential followers look at when they click on your profile. 

Aside from looking pleasing, it needs to look organized. 

You can use Later, a marketing tool which could help you schedule posts and generate insights from their results. 

Or, you can do it yourself using editing websites like Canva and editing softwares like Adobe Illustrator, etc. 

4. Show personality through your captions.

Your posts should not seem intimidating because it reflects your branding. 

Be quirky, show humor, show inclusivity, and show how fun it would be to work with you.

You can also take advantage of the 2,200-character limit in your captions.

Tip: What your photos don’t answer, answer it through your captions, or at least give them a way to get their questions answered, either by encouraging them to make comments or through DMs. 

Getting them to engage with your posts or account will certainly make the algorithms work in your favor.

5. Utilize the power of hashtags.

A lot of people use hashtags to know what’s trending and also when they only have a broad grasp of a certain information.

Your task is to deliver what they are looking for. 

You can create a curated hashtag that is relevant to the industry and to your personal branding. 

Instagram has a 30 hashtag limit every post so you ought to take advantage of that. 

Hashtags could also narrow down themes that help your reach in Instagram’s algorithm and reach a wider audience. 

6. Extend your networking on Instagram.

Instagram is a social media platform despite being visually heavy.

Interact with other businesses. 

Promote other businesses. 

Tag businesses that you really like and build that mutual connection for referrals in the future. 

Aside from your potential clients, you can also gain a lot from forming relationships with your competitors. 

We’re not saying to be a snitch. That is highly unethical. 

It wouldn’t hurt to build healthy and meaningful relationships with like-minded people. 

7. Be very sociable and friendly.

You have to remember that you are also building a community when you venture in social media marketing. 

People want to feel like they are valued and that they belong. 

Make your followers comfortable to interact with you and with fellow followers. 

Reply to their comments, tag them in your posts, reply to DMs and build a safe space for them to make an impression that their worries will be addressed accordingly.

8. Remember the 6 C’s of Instagram.

The 6 C’s of Instagram should already sum up all of the points above. 

We just can’t help to give emphasis to it!

1. Clarity

Relating to the first step, you need clarity for your goals, strategies, and execution. 

2. Content

Show up through your content. Make it seem like a person. Make it resonate. 

3. Consistency

Don’t easily get overshadowed in social media by being inconsistent. Remember, you’re not the only one trying to provide value here. 

4. Community

Instagram is a social media platform. You make and nurture communities here. 

5. Call-To-Action

This is where the conversion happens. Give your audience an option to better their lives. 

6. Confidence

Confidence is still the key to make it all happen. 


It can be scary at first, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t really use Instagram. 

Instagram offers a lot of features for entrepreneurs and it’s a very popular venture spot for the no brick-and-mortar game in the Information Age.

It will do your coaching business good if you’re able to successfully set up your account on Instagram. 

If you have no idea how to do that, there’s a reason why we exist! Book a free call with me if you’re planning to step up your business on Instagram.

If you’re here reading this, we’re assuming you’re either a newbie or a veteran that wants to try out Instagram to build or grow your business. Here’s a question for you, what more could be holding you back? Comment it down below! 

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