How To Hashtag The Right Way In 2021

If you’re still not using hashtags on your posts, then you’re definitely missing out on a lot.

There’s a reason why everyone’s putting them in their posts. For one, it helps your brand reach new audiences and boost engagement. 

If you’re not getting that, then there might be something wrong with your Hashtag Strategy. A simple #ThrowbackThursday may not be enough anymore. Your brand can surely do more. 

This article will guide you in creating a good Hashtag Strategy in no time! 

How To Hashtag The Right Way In 2021

1. Create Content Pillars.

A Content Pillar basically summarizes what you’re trying to talk about in social media.

They are the main topic, subtopic, related topics, keywords that you can come up with on the brainstorming stage. 

Usually composed of just 3-5 topics, then broken down into smaller ones. Content Pillars are great references if you’re running out of ideas. However, they aren’t only for content creation. We, at EASE, use it when we make our Hashtags Vault. 

Creating Content Pillars streamlines your ideas and makes it easier for you to organize all the knowledge you want to share. 

Basically, you’re also niching down when you create content pillars. You can’t serve everyone after all. 

2. Create a competitive analysis on social media.

Assuming you’ve already niched down, it’s now time to survey the market. 

Seek and observe the social media behavior of those you share the same audience with. 

What hashtags do they often use? How many hashtags are they using? Based on their engagement, which are the hashtags that could be aiding them? 

This will give you more ideas on how to better approach an audience who enjoys the similar content you’re planning to share.

3. Research popular hashtags according to your Content Pillars.

You’ve gathered a bit more information now, right? 

You have a couple of hashtags in your mind. 

Now, do a bit more of a research on popular and trending hashtags, both recurring and new hashtags. 

You’ve gathered quite a lot, haven’t you? 

Okay, let’s go back to your content pillar.

Group your hashtags into their respective pillars. Here’s where we organize all hashtags that you’ve gathered. 

You can organize them by their reach too, not just by the topic.

4. Know how many hashtags to use.

Some platforms limit the use of hashtags, just like Instagram, you’re only allowed 30 hashtags each post. 

But does that mean you need to max it out? No.

Just because a post has a lot of hashtags doesn’t mean that they are already gaining a lot of attention. 

It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. 

Unnecessary and irrelevant hashtags may cause you more harm than good. That’s why it is pertinent to thoroughly go through the steps with utmost care. 

You should also know which hashtags to avoid and which are too spammy. Your audience would not appreciate those too. 

Analyze which hashtags were successful from your past posts and which were not. This step is also a trial and error one. But it’s okay, it’s part of the process. 

5. Create a branded hashtag.

A branded hashtag is like nurturing a community. In some social media platforms, users are allowed to follow hashtags, so posts having those hashtags are always appearing on the follower’s feed. 

It doubles the chance for engagement and reach. 

Branded hashtags can include campaigns or just simply your short but sweet tagline.

Just make sure that it will be impactful.

6.Make your audience focus on your content by hiding your hashtags.

Believe it or not, not everyone is a fan of hashtags. 

It may sound to sale-sy or a “pick me” post. Yes, some people are actually annoyed with that. 

To make your audience just focus on your content, you can hide your hashtags through the comments. 

You can make it your first comment, or comment an emoji, then just reply to your hashtags! 


Hashtags first gained popularity in 2008, but they’re even more useful now more than ever. 

It’s easier to follow news and  trends with just a click on hashtags. 

It’s already an essential part of digital marketing. Something simple but can still be done wrong. 

If you’re in need of revamping your Hashtag Strategy or you’re just starting out on establishing your online presence, you can book a call to get a quote! 

What do you think about the cancel culture regarding misuse of hashtags? Have you heard of those? Comment down below!

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