Why Having An Email List Is Important

If you’re new in business, you’re probably clueless as to what an Email List is. 

It has been around for years actually, but it’s understandable for people outside of an organization to have no idea about it even if they’re already on some Email List. 

Just the instance of giving your email address to an entity signifies that you’re in it for some emails, yep, probably not just one. 

The benefits of an Email List is just too hard to ignore even if social media platforms are gaining so much popularity when it comes to the digital marketing scene. 

In fact, there are higher returns for emails rather than social media platforms. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Building An Email Lists.

Why Having An Email List Is Important

1. Why Having An Email List Is Important

Businesses and organizations use social media platforms more so for awareness and lead magnets, then continue communication through emails. 

If emails are not needed, they wouldn’t be asking for your email address in DMs and for signing up, right? 

Emails permit cheap transmission of multiple copies and attachments. 

Plus, it would be easier for you as a business owner, as a marketer, as an affiliate, as an associate, and as many more to send an email with the same message to different people. 

One address label can be an umbrella for multiple recipients, saving you so much time. 

Emails for professional communication creates a barrier from the most famous use of social media and other messaging technologies.  Many users use social media platforms mainly for leisure. 

2. Using Email builds trust.

Corresponding through emails allows for a personal communication between you and your correspondent.

They are allowed to have questions without the thought of stretching themselves because they can easily send their concerns with the comfort of an email inbox as a private space. 

This is a great way to build personal and intimate relationships with your audience. 

It’s a great channel for network marketing too. 

3. You own your Email List.

An Email List is a marketing medium you absolutely have control over. 

What kind of marketer wouldn’t want that? 

Unlike social media platforms, one little change on your Email List shouldn’t be much of a problem when the change comes from you because you own it. 

Your data and your profile on social media, however, can be manipulated by their owners AKA owners of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

A change in algorithm requirements might change your overall marketing strategy and you’d have to start from scratch. 

Tiring, but essential. 

Good thing you don’t have to worry about it that much with an Email List. 

4. Email is purposeful and targeted.

Email is direct.

That’s great for people who don’t have a lot of patience and have a really short attention span AKA a lot of people nowadays. Like sheesh. 

Receiving an email is personal in itself. You receive a message that is clear and intended for you. 

Who doesn’t like that? 

Plus you can segment your audience. Send out emails to your target groups. 

You’d first have to analyze their demographics though. Make sure you send the right emails to the right people. 

There are email marketing platforms you can use to make it easier for you to even automate your emails. 

Check out our blog on why we prefer using Flodesk for our Email Marketing: https://shiekina.com/email-marketing-flodesk/  You can use my code “SHIEKINA22” for 50% OFF on your monthly subscription.

5. Conversion Rate is higher with Emails.

A persons’ email inbox is basically a sacred place for them. 

They’re digging your newsletters, your content,  if they’re willing to share with you their email address.

Like who gives their email address and does not expect an email? 

They’re allowing you that opportunity to pique their interests, you just have to grab it. 

They’re more than just your “followers” on social media. They’re really important as they are probably more engaged than your followers on social media. They might be the ones driving website traffic for you. 

A few active and engaged subscribers are better than a large number of passing followers. 

Quality over quantity. 

All the reasons stated above ultimately translate to a higher chance of conversion. 

Also, according to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%

You can generate more sales with just emails. 

Even with the explosion of new messaging technologies, emails just don’t show any signs of dying. 


Having and managing an Email List is essential if you want to grow your business.

It saves you time. It’s cheap. It’s purposeful. And so much more. 

Again, the benefits of building an Email List are just too great to ignore! 

But, it’s still your choice. Email won’t go away so you have time to think things through. 

What more could be the reason for you not to step up your game in Email Marketing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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