5 Reasons Why Flodesk Is My Favorite Email Marketing Platform

If you’re  looking for an email marketing platform that is affordable and easy to use but you aren’t willing to compromise the design and quality of your email, Flodesk will be your best buddy! 

Founded by two lovely ladies, Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak, Flodesk has been helping entrepreneurs by bringing convenience and versatility to their email marketing game. 

You might be wondering how Flodesk became a hit when it was only launched not too long ago. Here, I’ll give you 5 reasons as to why Flodesk immediately became my favorite email marketing platform.

5 Reasons Why Flodesk Is My Favorite Email Marketing Platform

01. Flodesk is user-friendly.

I know I’m not the only one who will agree that clutter is such a pet peeve. 

You’d want to keep things as organized and as simple as possible. 

As an entrepreneur, you juggle a lot of online and offline activities that being faced with a complicated interface just gives you a headache. 

Flodesk’s interface gives off elegance and simplicity. They offer full creative control over your email designs and the best part is… Your head doesn’t need to spin with all the technicalities!

No coding required! 

You can easily incorporate your branding into the ready-made templates. How cool is that?

02. Flodesk has gorgeous templates that convert.

Flodesk is perfect for creatives and non-creatives alike. 

Tried and tested, the wide range of templates can save you a lot of time in designing your email, plus the fact that they’re already so gorgeous even with just a few clicks! 

The creative freedom that Flodesk offers is such a dream for those who enjoy designing without breaking a sweat.

You can easily customize the templates to fit whatever you want. Change fonts and texts, change colors, and easily include photos all you like!

You’d want your marketing not only visually appealing, but something that also speaks the same language as your branding, right?

03. Simplify your email promotions with Flodesk.

Creating forms, segmenting audiences, setting up workflows, and sending out freebies has never been this simple! 

Create beautiful forms and easily organize your segments either through manually adding them to a segment by filling in their data or based on their sign-ups in your forms.

The forms you create can also be embedded to your personal sites or stand-alone pages. 

Flodesk also lets you send a series of emails automatically, from sign-up greetings, to newsletters and even for freebies!

The automation process for workflows is just so amazing! 

Combine your segments in your workflows to build sequences that have a specific purpose.

You can also set triggers for a workflow with multiple segments.

You also don’t have to worry about sending the same email to a subscriber who’s in two different segments because they’ll only get the email once

04. Flodesk Analytics is a life saver.

Check your progress at a glance!

You’d see statistics of your subscribers on the Subscribers tab. 

This gives you a snapshot of how your subscribers have been engaging with your emails. This shows any segment they belong to, when they last engaged with an email you’ve sent, and their status.

You can also bulk select and filter subscribers based on: 

  • How they become part of your list (Opt-in forms, Manual, CSV import)
  • Their status (Active, Unsubscribed, Bounced, Marked as spam)
  • Their activity (When they were last active, Lifetime click rate, Lifetime open rate)
  • The segment they are part of
  • Other custom data field you’ve established

Monitoring how your email marketing campaign is much easier as Flodesk gives you an overview that is easy to understand!

05. Grow your Email List without breaking the bank.

With all the features you get, getting into Flodesk is already such a steal!

Unlike other email marketing platforms, Flodesk has an unlimited pricing structure. 

They don’t even push you to pay more as your email list grows. 

You pay the same monthly price whether you’re looking into sending simple emails for a small list of subscribers or if you’re looking to build an empire. 


Email marketing can be such a hassle if you’re just starting or if you’ve been faced with complex and hard to navigate platforms. 

Flodesk is there to help you simplify your life with its user-friendly workspace. The platform is already at an outstanding price of $38/month, but wait, there’s more! You can get 50% OFF of your monthly subscription if you use my code “SHIEKINA22”, making it only $19/month!

Nothing beats the lessons of experience, so go and experience the world with Flodesk. 

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