Over the years, I’ve worn the invisible sash for being a multipotentialite who juggles a million bottles filled with many (diverse) skills at once.

I was “that girl” in school who had taken pride in staying in while others went out to party… (Not that I’m no longer that kid, I’d still choose Netflix in my PJs over loud clubs in a heartbeat.)

The thing is: I’ve lived my whole life running around in circles, glorifying the idea of hustling and grinding day and night, all on my own. But boy did that take its toll on me…

I believed I could do everything alone, but turns out, no man is an island.

So to tell you what? I get it.


I’m Shiekina and I provide thoughtful digital marketing and content coaching and services to conscious and empathetic brands and leaders, like you and me.

I’m not just any marketer. I’m also a Business Coach and Strategist who can help you solidify your niche and messaging so you can attract the right (and only the right) people to connect with you.

Born and raised by a set of serial entrepreneurs as parents, sales and marketing have been pumped in my blood for so long that selling almost feels like home. Now I sell ease, freedom, and peace of mind to personal brands like you by taking over your online marketing strategies.

To be perfectly honest, I don't have a rags-to-riches story to tell...

Every time I embark on a new venture, I always hit a home run. But that doesn’t mean it all happened overnight.

Success for me is the combination of passion, determination, some epic preparation, self-transformation, and a whole lot of action.

And if anyone tells me I’m “just lucky” to get to where I am now, I’ll tell them “no sir, I worked very hard for this. I gave up sleep for this. I left a lot of unproductive habits for this. And I will celebrate my life every day knowing I deserve ALL this.”

Good marketing is the ability to understand your customers. And there's no better way to do that than to connect with them on a personal level. "Meet them where they're at and go with them along the journey" is my strategy.

As I always say, we often become the person we needed the most.

Who I am now is the woman I needed back when I was starting out.

That’s when I realized that everything that I’ve experienced, good or bad, happened for a reason and for a greater purpose.

What I thought was once a rollercoaster ride of emotions has introduced me to so many opportunities. It introduced me to my true calling.

Marketing, teaching, and storytelling are my biggest strengths. And I believe that through these, I can actually make the world a better place in my own little ways, one written word at a time.

And by connecting these three pillars, Shiekina was built.

You know what the fun part is? I’m just getting started.

I also feed on the sea, the sun, and my daughter’s smiles for strength and the motivation to move forward. The more you know.

When I’m not online, you can find me picnicking by the beach, one eye on the book I’m reading and the other on my wet toddler collecting seashells by the seashore.

Ready for the good times ahead?


Currently an  SME in the BPO industry, Anne’s role includes supporting and guiding agents with their work. Her position gave her the opportunity to gain more experience at handling people and being in-charge. Her biggest strengths also include her good critical thinking skills and judgement. 

Art has always been a passion for her and something she’d definitely go back to whenever she doesn’t have much time to spare. She also likes playing games, watching anime, and reading manga, and most of all, spending time with her lovely cat named Luna.

Allyssa is a Creative with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. She specializes in creating social media visuals, advertisements, and illustrations. 

Beside digital art, she’s also passionate about traditional paintings using acrylic and watercolor. When she’s not doing any graphic design projects, you’d usually see her spending her time thrift shopping, biking, and cuddling with her dog.

Ninna, our Marketing Associate, admits to being a Marketing newbie, but, a newbie with a mission: to relentlessly pursue fresh, on point, inspired ideas in her performance of her role.

Being a B.S. Psychology graduate, she is naturally intuitive, earnest, and insightful. Ninna can definitely capture what you’re about and translate it into beautiful Marketing materials with a tone and a voice that is distinctively yours. Her strength is perceptiveness and her tool is collaboration. Her endgame – creation, implementation, and optimization of strategies and solutions that will generate favorable results. 

At 23 and tagging herself as a Gen Z with an old soul, she is drawn to quirky, fun, delicious, and pretty little things while having an eye for refined and tasteful creatives. When not working, she morphs into either a gamer, a foodie, a tourist, or all of the above.

A Psychology graduate having spent almost 3 years as an Admin Assistant, Nicole decided it was high-time she moved forward. Now, a Marketing Associate, she tries her best to support and help the team to the best of her abilities. 

Nicole’s spirit animal is a cat. She enjoys her “alone time” and likes to walk her own path without minding anyone’s opinion. She’s independent yet enjoys social connections. Her spirit of adventure, courage, curiosity, and exploration of the unknown pushes her to improve herself and extend her interests everyday. 

Nicole tries to see the positive side of everything and stays calm regardless of the situation. Reading books and drinking coffee in her free time are helping her achieve that. You may also find her practicing and enjoying her competitive spirit by playing online multiplayer games.

April is a full-time student and a part-time writer. Her skills are quite versatile and so, she always tries to branch out to new opportunities. She’s a firm believer that anything can be learned as long as you put your mind and heart to it. When she’s not in front of the computer, you’d probably see her either singing, dancing, sketching, painting, trying out new things, or just simply laying around. 

Her journey as a writer started out by being a campus journalist at an early age and now she writes content related to marketing and growth. Being EASE’s Content Writer definitely helps in honing her skills and knowledge in business as she is vying for a degree in Management at one of the Philippine’s prime universities – University of the Philippines.

Pauline can seamlessly adapt and harness her set of skills, all the while juggling the activities of a graduating student. 

She pays close attention to everything and even notices minor details which allows her to give her undivided attention to the tasks assigned to her and discover errors or any minimal changes along the way. Pauline exhibits the set of skills that lets her gain a full understanding of each of her tasks and finishes them efficiently and effectively.

As an accounting student at Bicol University, one of the premier universities in the Philippines, writing content related to business and marketing further helps in refining her skills and knowledge on building her career.

She’s a fan of Taylor Swift’s music and classical music calms her mind. Her way of enjoying her free time is by reading novels, manhwas, mangas, and watching anime.