For the wise child inside who knows the weight of impact and influence.

Do you value time, convenience, and expertise over stress, overwhelm, and burnout?
If yes, then that makes us two.

Hey there! It’s Shiekina here, a storyteller, marketing specialist, online business coach, motivational speaker, and cool mom (…not a regular mom) with a knack in planning, management, and organization.

I’m all about empowering educators and entrepreneurs like you to step out of the content comparison cycle and rise into the most influential version of yourself online through persuasive digital marketing strategies and compelling copy that spark joy.

My mission is to help you integrate your brand voice in your storytelling strategy so you can deliver your promise with clarity and be your best confident self at all times.

Obsessed with: toes in the sand, cheap instant ramen, and sudoku. When I’m not online you can find me in my room, all wrapped up in a cozy blanket with my AC at max, while binge-watching a new gem I found on Netflix.


Digital Marketing

Your time is priceless so don't waste it by trying to do everything on your own. Let's help you save an incredible amount of time today.


Give your brand a voice that resonates with your target readers so you can chase less and attract more. Let me do the selling for you.

Business Coaching

Are you ready to start or level up your own business? From sales to marketing strategies, I got you. Let's build you your own empire.

Wanna ditch the unnecessary grind? Fill us in on the deets.